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Earthing Large Sleep Mat

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New Earthing Sleep Mats: introductory price ending soon!

The new Earthing Sleep Mats are made from a soft conductive carbon leatherette, that is eco-friendly, non-toxic and vinyl free. The hole punched polyurethane leather gives a soft and breathable Sleep Mat that is designed as an underlay to go between your mattress and fitted sheet, resulting in less wear and tear than traditional Earthing sheets.

No washing is required, simply wipe down periodically using a non-corrosive cleaner and air dry. The natural moisture on our skin supports the conductive effect through your fitted sheet so direct skin contact with the mat is not necessary.

The Earthing Large Sleep Mat Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Earthing Large Sleep Mat
  • 1 x  4.6m (15ft) Straight cord
  • 1 x Adapter plug with built-in splitter

Medically Proven Health Benefits:

  • Better sleep quality
  • Improved circulation and blood flow
  • Relief from pain and inflammation
  • Reduced stress
  • Relief from muscle tension
  • Boost to immune system

Get them at the special introductory price today!

Large Sleep Mat (designed for double, queen and king size beds: 137cm x 187cm)

Earthing Large Sleep Mat

Small Sleep Mat (designed for single and king single bed; 68.6cm x 187cm)

Earthing Single Sleep Mat

Get them at the special introductory price today.


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Plush Pet Pad

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pet pad2The Cotton Pet Pad is a 50 cm (20″) by 75 cm (30″) cotton conductive pad that can be used to line your pets favourite bed or as a pet bed in itself. Easy to wash and maintain, just like all earthing sheets/throws, Just follow the simple care instructions and your pet will enjoy years of Earthing benefits, even in high rise apartments.

Of course the Pet Pad (aka Plush Pad) is also ideal for humans too; on a chair to sit on, behind your back, draped over your lap, or to lay on in bed.

pet pad3Just remember that only one side of the plush pad is conductive and not the other. Make sure you have the side of the Pet Pad that shows the parallel rows of silver fibre stitching closest to your skin (or fur!)




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